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Why A Tattoo Ink Turns Green Over The Time

We always asked a question before getting inked to Tattoo Artist that Why our tattoo turns Green / Blue after sometimes.

You might wonder why tattoos change, in particular, green and blue, whether it is blurring, & fading.

So we wanted to look into WHY it happens all the time, Let see what we find out.

The Age of a Tattoo

Apparently, this happens with a black color tattoo and not with any other color, But there’s a reason for that – Old tattoos are done by the Indian Ink, for the most part, which was made to look black color by using Dark Green and Blue color inks.

After some time the pigments of color are breaking down in skin as it ages, the Black color losses it’s the appearance which is on the time of tattoo done.

The types of pigments used

The Indian ink is a mixture of Soot( Deep Black powder material) and a binding agent, like Gelatin. This ink was mostly used for traditional art like Drawings and Calligraphy, which is commonly done for some traditional work or was also used for tattooing.

Nowadays, according to the new generation color and new technology, the tattoos stay much longer with high quality.

In an interview with, he explains that “The inks we use now are pretty high quality, they have a higher level of pigment so they are less susceptible to aging and sun. But there is a limit, you can only cram so much color into the skin”.

How to get rid off if your black-tattoo turns green

There are some precautions which are helpful to everyone to take care of your tattoo turning fade/green/blue:

Avoid sun exposure

Sun exposure is the main reason of tattoo fade, If you are spending most of the time out in Sun , always apply sunscreen before coming out in the Sun. Specially , if your are with your freshly new tattoo which is under in healing process, never expose the tattoo directly to sun.

Tattoo placements

Your tattoo placements can also plays a role, because their are certain area’s on our body is naturally more friction than other area’s on our body, which can cause tattoo skin remove more easily in early time and this can cause skin cells shed, including those are inked.

Tattoos are also affected by weight gain or loss if the extreme level of fluctuations is there.

Healing and aftercare

This is also plays a very important role in tattoo fading, if you are not talking precautions or things to do as your tattoo artist told you to do so,which is including all points , Avoiding water, Sun-rays , Friction with tight clothes or wear loose clothes , apply ointments , etc. It can effect your tattoo fading points.

If you are pulling scabs or tattoo skin early and drying your tattoo skin and not taking care of tattooed skin too.

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