We are doing everything to make sure you are safe with us.

Here at TATTOO ELYSIUM, we always take very high standards of hygiene & cleanliness. Your safety is our main priority in Tattooing.

We have implemented some new procedures to provide the safest possible tattoo experiences for both Clients & Artist.

  1. Tattoo service is allowed only by appointment. No walk-in customers are allowed.
  2. Only one customer is allowed in the tattoo parlour at a given time. Although some exceptions may be given.
  3. In case of no exceptions, the guest will be asked to leave.
  4. Tattoos around or nearby mouth are prohibited. We will not be doing neck tattoos, this ensures that the artist is not close to the client’s face and you to the artist.
  5. Before entering the studio, the client will be asked to wash their hands properly for 30+ seconds with hand-wash and clean your hands with a paper towel or clean tissues.
  6. No food or extra luggage or any equipment is allowed. Please leave non-essential items at home or in your car.
  7. Don’t touch anything if they are not necessary or asked by the artist.
  8. We request everyone to wear masks and gloves during all the time of tattooing.
  9. If you have travel history especially in public transport like in the past 14 days , we requested that reschedule your appointment.
  10. Every customer will have to go through mandatory thermal screening test. If screening results are not normal you will be asked to leave.
  11. Please ensure the body area where you want to get inked is completely hair free before coming to the studio.  

Thank-You for your support and understanding. We again look forward to create your dream tattoo upon you in a more safer environment. #StaySafe