Hi! I am Tanuj. Welcome to Tattoo Elysium! I’m glad you’ve taken out time to explore about us.

I started sketching at early age, realized art is simply everywhere and in everything.

With time, I developed my skills and graduated as a Tattoo Artist.

And few years later, I gave birth to Tattoo Elysium. ‘Tattoos help us think creatively & differently‘ In Tattoo Elysium, We offer nothing but a modern environment that invites everyone to explore their personality.

We welcome all faiths, ethnicity, sexual orientations, gender identities, handicaps and disabilities.

We are different by designs, specializes in creating or customized one-of-a kind tattoos.

Tattoo Elysium is bright and open filled with Eclectic Art and Surprises.

We use high quality Sterilized equipments to ensure your comfort and safety in hygienic atmosphere.

We’re always eager to listen our customers and tailor their ideas into a Masterpiece which will last for lifetime.

Welcome to my tattoo studio

Tattoo Elysium specializes in colored tattoos, custom designs, fine line, dotwork, white ink tattooing, black and grey, geometric, water colour, trash polka, tribal tattoos, maori tattoos.